Friday, August 15, 2008

Solving the astronomical questions from the bottom quark up

Sorry again about the break but as I said, the week has been pretty busy (not busy enough to forgive not posting, but still pretty busy). However, to make up for it, every day this weekend, I'll put up a post of a recap of an event that happened in the past week. Starting today!

So, exactly one week ago, I gave my presentation on CERN. I would put up a video, but it turns out that it's a 14 GB AVI file which would take a week to upload onto Google Video. That's not exactly the best thing, I'll be trying to figure out how to compress it so that it won't be such a crazily large file.

The talk itself went pretty good. There was some technical difficulties because I... don't have a laptop, so I borrowed one and ran an Ubuntu LiveCD off of it. Only.... I made the mistake of accidentally picking up a Gutsy CD. The problem with that was that Canonical started massively improving projector support after Feisty. Oh well! I had to swallow my pride and do it in a Windows machine. I managed to get it onto the projecter, but there was some resize issue and the right side and bottom were cut off. But, at least I managed to give it.

Now when the presentation started, THAT'S when the fun began (and I'll try to get you into that fun later on). I can't exactly summarize the content of the talk, but this video actually does a good job of it, in... 5 minutes. I hope you enjoy it for now.

After the talk was really something. Not only did I get the customary gift (a box with the pleiades) but he also gave me his copy of Arthur C. Clarke's posthumous book, "The Last Theorem". And I am DEFINITELY going to read it as soon as I can. And I mean that... more than I did Harry Potter a year ago (but I DID actually read it). And apparently, from the reception, people enjoyed it, so I'm glad I did it!


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Yeah, I got that solved. But after several days of uploading, Google decided to say that it didn't receive the file. Which is pretty frustrating. I'm gonna find out what might have gone wrong and try again.

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