Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bad Astronomy moved!

Apparently, there's a new player in town on the Science blogging arena. In addition to ScienceBlogs, there's also Wired blogs, Nature blogs, LiveScience blogs, Scientific American blogs, and I'm sure many more. But now, I'm surprised Discover just entered onto the scene. I'm a subscriber to Discover (they're a really great publication) and really look forward to exploring what blogs they have. But, another thing that's pretty amazing. They've gotten Phil! Though, I'm pretty amazed at the transition. I follow Bad Astronomy in my feed reader, and it was so seamless, I didn't notice the change until I saw the web site itself. Usually, when people move blogs, you have to update your subscription, but strangely, not in this case. Phil (and whoever was in charge of the transition) really deserve some congrats for that. And I have to say, the new look is really appealing; though what I like most are the placement of the ads. They're tucked away in the sidebar and aren't that intrusive. Whoever designed that layout did a great job. Now, time to see what Discover blogs has to offer!

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