Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Vacation

Hey everyone. I know I haven't posted anything for three weeks or so. But I've been sucked into some sort of black hole where all of my time has evaporated. But anyways, summer is here. Unfortunately, most of my summer plans have been shot down. I didn't get into the YESS program (those little punks better have a good time there without me!) But, that wasn't the only thing I had in mind. However, another blow arrived when it turned out that Dr. Guy would be too busy to have me at CENS this summer. So now, my options have really dwindled. All that I know I'll be probably be left with is volunteering at Children's Hospital, Los Angeles.

Anyways, I SHOULD have more time for blogging, but who knows what'll happen? The RSS reader on the N800 is not exactly working out. I don't like the fact that I can't only read unread feeds, and that once I look at a category, everything is marked read. I basically want something like Liferea. However, the liferea port leaves much less to be desired. It hasn't had much activity. And the libraries won't install on my N800 for some reason. And from the experience, I'm guessing that the maintainer at least temporarily ditched the project. Nibbles is more active, but it's still got a long way to go before it becomes a fully-capable feed reader. So, I'll probably stick to RSS feeds on my home computer (maybe VNC onto them), use the horrible reader on the tablet, wait for the reader to improve on the tablet, or just make my own reader. If I have more time than I need this summer, I could POSSIBLY accomplish the last one. Though, I wouldn't count on it.

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Vicken said...

hey you can intern at Foresight Systems. . . :)