Monday, May 26, 2008

Phoenix Lands

The Phoenix lander landed successfully yesterday and sent back its first pictures. And all I have to say is... wow! When I look at the terrain, I notice... it's so barren. When we think of an area with no water, we at least picture some cactus, or brush managing to grow in the dry soil. But here.... the surface of Mars.... is the ULTIMATE barrenness. As far as we know, no life, not even a microbe has been on that soil in AT LEAST several million years, probably even longer! And yet... here we are. On our oasis in space (our tiny blue dot as Carl Sagan put it) and we managed to put... even an artifact of life on this totally lifeless planet. And we've done this all in the last... thirty-something years! Before us, there was nothing on Mars, save rock.... and a puny atmosphere. And yet, in a mere thirty years, we've managed to put numerous robots on and around Mars. Even after we might lead ourselves into self-destruction... and take our moon with us. Those robots will be our calling cards. And that goes for ALL of the missions we've sent out including Cassini, Galileo, New Horizons, Voyager, and on and on! If some extraterrestrial civilization were to visit our solar system post-human. Or.... if you want to be optimistic, we abandon Earth after being a space-faring civilization, then some historian comes back to revisit our roots. Mars will be a lasting sign that we were here, and that this wasn't a dead solar system. There were intelligent beings, who managed to send things outside of their planet's gravitational pull to outer space... to other planets. THAT is the good part of humanity I love to see. When people can get together and reach out! Anyways... that's enough planetary rambling from me. Phil also has something to say concerning photos, though not from Phoenix.

But I have to say... I feel ya, Phil! I feel ya!

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