Friday, May 30, 2008

Nokia N800

I recently ordered a Nokia N800 tablet and I have to say, like most people, it is an AMAZING device. I've been debating on whether to buy it for months, researching for the best deal on it. And I believe I found it. Now, you might ask that if the Nokia N810 is out, why would I want to buy the N800. It's easy, the new features on the N810 aren't really important enough for me to want it that badly, and the release of a new version DRASTICALLY cuts the price of a previous model. In fact, I've still heard of people who have the 770 and are still satisfied with that, so, cheaper is better. I first was awed by the N800 after reading an article in Linux Pro Magazine[pdf]. However, its price was listed as $399... wayyy out of my budget. However, I waited, researched for WHY I wanted it, and what a good price for it would be. And that waiting paid off. I searched for good deals with froogle (not generally that great an idea), but I was highly skeptical and it turned out that many of the really good deals were peddled by frauds. However, I then ran into this post that said that Dell was selling them for $199. That's when I thought, "It's a good time to buy!" Unfortunately, Dell sold out before I committed myself, so I had to settle with another deal. I was able to find this deal on TigerDirect (they really do have good prices on electronics. And I know them to be legitimate) for around $220. This one, I managed to catch in time! A few days later, they were sold out. I gave a sigh of relief and waited for the N800 to arrive.

After a heart-wrenching week of waiting, it finally arrived! I have to say, since the hour I got it, it was the most amazing piece of technology I have ever seen. Just out of the box, it detected my network without a flaw (which it should do, but still. That's a good thing!) and came with a nice suite of programs such as a browser, media player, RSS aggregator, IM client, yadda yadda. However, there were a few caveats. The media player didn't handle oggs, the IM client only supported Jabber, the only VOIP client was Skype, and the memory card Nokia included was only 128 MB. However, most of those problems were easily handled by the community built around maemo, which is the foundation of the Linux-based operating system.

First thing I did when I got the N800 set up was try to figure out how to install things. I found this blog to be immensely helpful in getting around the N800. But first, it told me to upgrade the OS. The Operating System for the N800 is OS2007 and they released OS2008. Once again, Internet Tablet School came to linked me to a place that said how to upgrade the OS in Linux (since this was a new tablet, I had no data to back up). It turns out that installing things on the N800 is incredibly easy. You just go to the maemo garage and look for the program you want to install. After that, there's a little button called:This way, I can install ogg support for the media player using mogg. Just click the button and that's about it. Additionally, there are Debian packages that you can also use to install stuff on the N800, but the one-click installer should take care of everything for you. Anyways, I've been working on this post for a while in the past, and forgot about what should be in it, so I'll just post it and if I get any new insights later on, I'll write new posts about them.

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