Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Alliance for Science winners

The winners of the 2008 Alliance for Science contest have been announced! Congrats to Neil Desai, a fellow first place winner in 10th grade, with his really well-written essay (read it!). I'm glad I entered in last year! I would link to his blog, but the blogstalkers haven't stricken yet and.... I can't find it. If I find it, I'll definitely put a link. And maybe he'll see what it's like to get a HUGE spike in visits from a link in Pharyngula, heh! Oh yeah, and a passing congratulations to Frances, David, and Marleigh, the other winners. I hope all of you enjoy your cash prizes because (to be honest) I still haven't figured out what to spend it on... Which brings me to my next point:

SEED!!!!! Get your act together! As my prize subscription from last year has shown me, you have an AMAZING magazine! It's probably the BEST science magazine I've ever received. I have nothing to say but "Great Job" to all the staff who works on it. It has definitely convinced me to resubscribe when the prize subscription runs out (which should be soon). Now I think that these kids have demonstrated their amazingness by writing these essays. I think they definitely deserve a subscription to such an amazing magazine. So, come on SEED... keep helping these guys out.

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