Saturday, May 10, 2008


Hey everyone. Sorry again for not posting, but AP tests are coming up... actually. They're here. It's right in the middle of AP testing period right now. So far, I've taken AP Calculus AB, which really wasn't all that bad. I didn't feel I really needed to study for it. And I've taken AP US History, which took more studying, but I have good feelings about it.

The ones that are coming up are AP Physics, which I'm scrambling to study for this weekend, it's on Monday. I have to do both the mechanics and the electricity and magnetism tests. So far, I'm getting the concepts, but I just need more practice to recognize them and solve them quickly. AP Physics is by far the hardest AP test I've EVER prepared for. After that, on Wednesday is the AP English test. You can't really prepare for that. The multiple choice is basically either you can pick out analyses of authors, or you can't. The essays are what are really important. And, I think I can do fairly well on those. But anyways, I'm off to physics boot camp. I'll be sure to get back to regular blogging once all of this is over! I haven't even had time to go over RSS feeds that's how busy it was. Anyway, just don't think I'm dead or anything... just reviewing my butt off!

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