Monday, February 18, 2008

Sliver Time

If you don't play Magic the Gathering, you just might want to skip down to the bottom of this post.

Let me make this public. I HATE SLIVERS!!!!No, I'm not talking about those things that get caught in your skin if you handle wood. I'm talking about the creature type in Magic: The Gathering. I've hated them since I first encountered them, and I still hate them. In my opinion, they are the cheapest (in a detrimental way) type of cards ever (worse than the Un- series). At least Un- cards make the game interesting. Just stick in a couple of Ward slivers (Slivers gain protection from a color), shifting slivers (slivers are unblockable except by other slivers), and the worst, Crystalline sliver (slivers can't be the target of spells or abilities, except by other slivers). And stick in whatever other slivers you can find and tah-duh, you have a powerful sliver deck.

I swear, they've taken out all of the strategy that you need for deck-building. Normally, you need to find a theme and choose which cards to put, and more importantly, which cards NOT to put. Because if you have too many useless cards, you'll never draw the good ones and you'll lose. Even if you do draw a good card, it's still surrounded by many not-so-good cards. Plus, what may be good in some situations, might not be good in others. For example, Call of the wild (FF2: Reveal the top card of your library. If it's a creature, put it into play, if not, put it in your graveyard) would not be good in a deck full of instants and sorceries. However, if you have a ton of expensive, powerful creatures, it'll be excellent. It depends on the context of the deck. Now, slivers on the other hand, go well with other slivers, period! There's no real strategy to building a deck other than "Get as many slivers as I can". And even more, if you have one GOOD sliver, it makes all of the others good and kills the opponent by brute force.

An even worse thing is that it basically makes games boring. When you play a sliver deck, unless you kill the opponent off at the very beginning (which means less game), you're screwed and you know it. There really is no way to make a game interesting if your opponent has 10 unblockable slivers that can't be the target of spells and abilities with first strike, trample, and deal damage directly to you when blocked. Now, if you want a deck that mercilessly crushes your opponent no matter what, you might want a sliver deck. However, if you're like me, and want to have FUN! Aim for a different deck. I have to say, the only way to beat a sliver deck is to use another sliver deck. And when that happens, the game descends into a massive orgy of abilities which affect everyone and no one. That's just annoying for both players. But hey, that's just what I think! Let me just say that, except for very special cases, I don't respect sliver decks.

NOTE: If you don't play Magic the Gathering, this post would probably have meant little to nothing to you. If you want me to post some guides on how to play, I can do that. Just leave a comment.


Joshua said...


Larry said...

I've read your big bold text loud and clear.

Joe Smith said...


ohhh slivers... ~_~


Anonymous said...

Crystalline Slivers makes it so that all slivers can't be affected my "target" spells, including ones from other slivers.

Nick said...

with crystalline your slivers "can't be the target of spells and abilities", but spells and abilities that don't necessarily target a single sliver still have an effect , so stuff like magma sliver's ability is useless, but blanket statements like "wrath of god's" text still have an effect

Sliver decks take a little more thought than you give them credit. There are multiple types of sliver decks and you can choose many different combos that can work. The idea is that each game is different from the last, so you are always having an interesting game. If you can't stop a sliver deck you just aren't trying hard enough.

Anonymous said...

Lol, i think theres a new card artifact card that produces a 1/1 sliver token for one mana. It does not requiring tapping. If there was a sliver that produced mana based on the damage dealt and you had a sliver that gave haste, lol. Producing ALOT of slivers. It seems like the only way to win is to stick out a Platinum Angel (Artifact Creater for 7 mana; it's ability: Your opponent(s) cannot win the game and you cannot lose the game) have alot of counterspells to protect you angel and pray you get in some damage or hope you opponent runs out of cards. I LOVE SLIVERS!

Anonymous said...

uhh referring to the first comment
i think they have slivers that provoke and and stuff xD so platinum is pretty useless, and thats if u can get 7 mana before they kill you

best way to annoy a sliver deck, chuck in 4 hivestones :D, all your creatures become slivers on top of their creature types meaning you don't need a sliver deck to be a sliver deck

TwistedViper said...

Well i have to say I like playing with slivers. There's just so many possible ways to play that you can never have the same game twice! Plus, imagine this: you get your powerful deck and KNOW you have to go against a sliver deck, and you beat them to a bloody pulp. I have to say, my friends tell me there's no confidence booster quite like beating a sliver deck >:3