Sunday, February 24, 2008

An Exercise in Skepticism

Ok, I'm not sure if this video is serious or not, have a look yourself if you have 10 minutes to spare:

Can you spot all of the faults in reasoning in this video? I'm not going to go in detail and rebut it because it just seems too crazy to believe. Though here's what I think of it. The one thing that struck me most was that it said nothing about the mechanism to grow the Earth. That should set up alarm bells. You can't bring matter out of nowhere, there needs to be some way to combat gravity.

Another weird claim about science was about throwing away a hundred years worth of data. Let me tell you something. The Ptolomeic model of geocentricism was worked on for about a thousand years. People refining it, adding more and more epicycles. And then came little ol' Copernicus, who threw all of that into the trash bin by putting the Sun in the center of the Universe. A hundred years isn't going to make much of a difference if it's wrong.

However, this video also makes claims about astronomy, which I can foray into with confidence. For one thing, the video says that the plate-tectonics theory is wrong because it holds a primitive view that our planet is special. Now, we're not saying that no other planet can have plate-tectonics, they can. But no planet in our solar system DOES. Some other things you can say is that life doesn't exist on Earth because if it did, we'd be special. Or that we don't have oxygen in the air, because if we did, we'd be special. That type of logic is really flawed. And another thing I noticed. The video didn't seem to have taken into account the fact that Mars is much smaller than the Earth. Unless you believe that they formed at different times, they should be the same size. The same goes for Mercury, Venus, and probably even Pluto (though it technically isn't a planet). Of course, there are a LOT more things I can say about this video, but unless I know that it's not a parody, it wouldn't be worth using up all of the time.


Cairnarvon said...

It's not a parody; this guy has been around for a while, and has a few followers.

It's not true that Earth is the only planet(-like thing) in the solar system with plate tectonics, though. Titan has them, and so do a few others.

cactaur said...

... Dang... I guess nothing is too crazy to be unbelievable.

And you have got to show me your source about Titan. I've looked through the Cassini-Huygens web site and haven't found anything regarding that.

Cairnarvon said...
Wikipedia desu.