Friday, December 21, 2007

The Dangerous Book for Boys

Today was the Christmas Shopping day. It was when the stores were getting desperate to sell their goods, and marked many for HUGE sales. However, today, we went to Toys R Us, because there were some small kids who we were looking to buy gifts for. That entire process went well, and we got (what we think) are the perfect gifts for them. However, a certain book at Toys R Us caught my eye, and I looked through it while we traversed the isles. It was called The Dangerous Book for Boys, by Conn and Hal Iggulden. Now, a title like that just begs a passerby to ask "What's so dangerous about it?" And I wasn't an exception.

I opened up the book expecting to find some popular claptrap of modern culture which would be ephemerally lost to the jaws of time after a few years (don't I sound intelligent). But instead, the page contained information about the Battle of the Alamo. I was intrigued, and decided to investigate this book further. Sure enough, the chapter was on major battles of history. I thought that this book seemed to be a beacon of intelligence in an otherwise indifferent store whose wares shifted with the populous's opinion. I looked further in the book, and found that it contained many different types of information, history only being one of them. It had several guides, such as how to fish or tie a knot or even play poker. There was information on meteorology, astronomy, and grammar. There were several topics which I had tried to find information on, that were all compiled in this small, easy-to-read book. They even covered some details of the opposite sex (I found that I need some sports. Being computer-oriented is apparently not as attractive. Well, I didn't say it was PERFECT). I found this book to be an extremely well-compiled guide to being a respectable intellectual!

Unfortunately, I did not buy it. As helpful as it would have been when I was young, I found that I did not have a need for it. And did not know of any others that did (plus, it was pretty expensive. I'd recommend using a coupon on it or getting it on sale). However, for those of you who haven't come up with the perfect gift, consider this. It's the ideal book to give to a budding intellectual. Maybe you need something for a girl: try The Daring Book for Girls. If it's anything like its companion (and the customer reviews say it is), it'll be a great gift.

Now, I shall wait for the intellectual properties of that book to wear off. That's how amazingly edifying it was.

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