Friday, November 16, 2007

Scalzi visits the Creation Museum

I just started going through my RSS feeds again, and found that I missed some really fun articles. One was that John Scalzi finally went through with his promise and visited the Creation Museum. Actually, he was bought for $5,118.36 (which was subsequently donated to Americans United for the Separation of Church and State).

The report is actually a two-parter. First is the visual part; a snarky and sarcastic (not to mention highly entertaining) tour through the Creation Museum. At first it looks like a daunting 101 photos, but they go really fast. Once I reached the end, I wished that there was more sarcastic wit to go around. If you have enough time, and /or want some more fun wit, read the comments too. They're often sources of great insight and humor.

The next is the written part. This is basically Scalzi's reflections on the Creation Museum and what it says about our society. The esay is just as, if not more entertaining than the visual tour, so I highly recommend reading that also. This report was highly anticipated, and its composition is more than appreciated.

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