Monday, November 05, 2007


Ok, I have horrible yet somehow humorous news for all of you. I obliterated my Ubuntu system. Yeah, I know it's a really serious subject, but it's so laden with irony that even I'm cracking up. So, it began like this:

I decided to make a separate /home partition for myself, so that if anything were to go wrong (cough cough), my science music and general settings would be preserved. That way, I could even share the /home folder with other distros. So, I decided to get started on this, so I rebooted and popped in a Ubuntu Live CD. All was going well, until I decided to start GPartEd. I choose my repartitioning scheme and it started partitioning. However, it gave me an error and recommended that I check the filesystem in my Ubuntu partition. I thought that it wouldn't hurt, so I did so. I ran a nifty little tool called fsck (Filesystem Check, get it?). Well, it gave me a standard warning that I shouldn't run fsck on a filesystem which is mounted, because problems are just about guaranteed to result. But, I don't remember mounting the partition so I go ahead. After that, it gives me problem after problem with the filesystem, I didn't recall Ubuntu being so corrupt. Well, I just chalked it to my filesystem being old, however the prompts to fix things got so annoying, I decided to just put a roll of quarters on the key and leave it. Once it finished, I went back to GPartEd, and saw that recorded the partition being mounted at /mount/disk. That's when the though, "OH CRUD!!!!!!" Went through my mind. I looked through the filesystem, it was decimated. Hundreds of thousands of folders, all empty.

Luckily, I installed Sabayon Linux on a DIFFERENT partition which was safe, but I failed to transport my /home folder to. So, thank Sabayon, and its wifi capability that I am able to communicate with you right now. However, getting to Sabayon was not a piece of pie either. With the operating system scrambled, the MBR couldn't find the /boot folder. So, I had to bust out Super Grub Disk, and use it to have the MBR choose the Sabayon GRUB menu instead of the Ubuntu one. Well, and that's where I am now. Thanks to fsck, my Ubuntu partition is unreadable, and thanks to Sabayon, I'm still connected to the internet. However, it's not all bad, I think my system had one too many weird updates, I was thinking about reinstalling it anyways. So, I guess I'll now GET to it. The only thing I regret is not backing up my music. But that could probably be replaced over time. Well, if I don't post in a while, you'll know why. So, that's how I got "fscked!"


Larry said...

I thought you had another hard drive? Now you'll learned the hard way; ALWAYS MAKE BACKUPS. Always backup your data, twice.

Anonymous said...

Make another post so people will know you're still alive.


joe smith said...

brutal :X

I remember reading about your adventures in channel ~_~