Saturday, November 10, 2007

Back to Ubuntu

Ok everyone! I'd just like to inform you that I'm back on the computer and it's in a state of convalescence. Slowly but surely I'm getting my files and programs back and my computer is reaching as I say, it's former glory. However, due to this ordeal, fetching these programs and files is very time-consuming. So, I'll probably be inactive in blogging for another while. I'm so sorry, but that's the way I goes I guess. However, I am going to show you some of the things which I decided to improve from the previous installation.

More modular partitioning- Once my computer got fscked and my data died, I decided to just totally wipe it and start from the beginning. Now, I have two hard drives in my computer, only one of which I used. So, I decided to use both and make the design much smarter. So, I took my first hard drive, which had 120 GB, and made it my /home partition, which was what I intended to do before my computer got fscked. Then, I took my second hard drive which had 300 GB, and made a Ubuntu partition on it (I later realized that I DID make a backup and stored it on the second hard drive, but once I remembered, it was too late and it was overwritten. Too bad). Now, whenever I want to install a different OS, I can just add a partition to the second hard drive and have my /home files on it. So, I accomplished my goal anyhow.

Less mess- My previous installation was filled with programs which I compiled from source the manual way, before I used checkinstall. I think this caused some performance problems and did manage to screw with the OS a little. So, this time around, I'm going to be much more organized and not going to have files which are never used around. I've even noticed that I haven't even been hit with a kernel panic yet, so I'm hoping that will continue.

So, these problems have been fixed. However, the road to this installation was also a bit rough. I initially decided to install via Feisty, whose CD I had, and upgrade to Gutsy. That did not turn out very well. In addition to taking forever to upgrade, a lot of things were not functioning correctly. XGL was the worst. Certain sections of the screen would be garbled for a while and this got very annoying. Even worse, compiz would not run. After a while, I just gave up and decided to install Gutsy directly. However, I did not want to wait, so I decided to download it off of Torrents (which is about all I use it for). That download was SUPER-FAST, and I had the CD within a couple of hours. After that, everything went well. So, lesson for today, install EXACTLY what you want, try not to do unnecessary upgrades.

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joe smith said...

Good to hear you're back on Ubuntu :)