Monday, October 01, 2007

Ubuntu as "The Other Windows"

I just received wind that Ubuntu was featured on a prominent news station called KTLA (It's a CW station). It was a segment by Kurt the Cyberguy. He does a really good job at explaining how Ubuntu is rising to be a competitor of Windows. He also addresses how most people associate money with quality, and how Ubuntu (being an open source program) breaks that particular generalization. (There are also parts of an interview with Mark Shuttleworth in there)

The analogy he uses that is actually pretty accurate likens Ubuntu to a giant gumbo. People who want can add their ingredients to the gumbo and make it better for everyone. However, it also has the choice that if there's something you DON'T like in the gumbo, you can remove it easily and be happy. Overall, I'm surprised that Ubuntu has gotten this popular, and I hope that it spreads even further.

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Joe Smith said...

That's such an awesome piece. That guy seemed to know what he was talking about. I mean, I kinda wish the bit about software incompatibility wasn't cut off (I'd rather have people know what they're getting into up front), but that's such a promotional piece.

Maybe we could contact him and get him down to our install fest? Let's bug Neal. :)