Saturday, October 20, 2007

Compiling pidgin

After upgrading to Ubuntu Gutsy, I was shocked to see that the upgrade broke pidgin. The IM client which previously worked wonders crashed on startup with this message:
pidgin: symbol lookup error: pidgin: undefined symbol: purple_core_ensure_single_instance
I tried reinstalling via Synaptic. No avail. I read through this thread, and there was no known solution. So, the only apparently solution was to install Pidgin via source.

[UPDATE: There is now a solution to this without recompiling Pidgin. Taken from this thread. Go to /usr/local/lib and delete these files:,,, and So, essentially:
cd /usr/local/lib
sudo rm
And the next time you run Pidgin, it should work. You might not have all of these files, but it will remove the ones that you do have, which is what is important.]

[NOTE: This guide was plagiarized adapted from here
The first thing you want to do is remove the installed version of pidgin. That can be done via:
sudo apt-get remove pidgin pidgin-data
Next thing, you download the source code.

After that, you unpack it and move into the folder (Firefox downloads things to my Desktop, so I'm using the code to do that):
cd ~/Desktop
tar -jxvf pidgin-2.2.1.tar.bz2
cd pidgin-2.2.1
Next you start the build cycle. Unlike the guide that was linked to, configuring without any options worked fine for me, so that's what I did:
Next, you use make (you don't HAVE to be root to do this, but you can):
Lastly, you can end with the traditional, sudo make install, but I choose not too. It's far too messy for me. I use the checkinstall tool, which compiles the source into a .deb which is then listed in Synaptic. However, just doing "sudo checkinstall" does not work. This is where I'm thankful for that guide. The successful command goes like this:
sudo checkinstall --exclude=/etc/gconf,/usr/bin,/usr/lib
Congratulations, pidgin should now be installed and able to be successfully run. However, I recommend doing the fix described at the beginning of this post. If you install from source via checkinstall, the Update Manager will keep bugging you to upgrade to the version of pidgin in the Ubuntu repos, which still have that problem. However, if you fix the Ubuntu version as described, it won't bother you. Well, I hope this guide was of help to someone, and if it wasn't, too bad. It was a help to me!


Cairnarvon said...

I was using Gaim before the upgrade, and upgrading to Gutsy automatically updated to Gaim without problems.
Even aMSN didn't break, which surprised me.

Vicken said...

I've done this before except in Windows. . .

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Larry said...

Nice one!

Jim said...

Nice save, though I must say- you spend way too much time messing around with Ubuntu.

You really, really need to get going with LFS.

...And making stupid mistakes like frying (technically) your hard drive.