Monday, September 24, 2007

Open Source, meet the environment...

Today, Sun just launched OpenEco.Org, which serves to be a community of businesses to track, manage, and compare their carbon footprints with each other; all with an open source philosophy. Why? Here's what Sun says:
The accounting tool is a big step forward in assessing GHG emissions. That's because GHG analysis is frequently conducted with proprietary tools and often requires significant internal resources or outside consultants. Provided all the relevant utility data is available, members can assess their carbon emissions in a matter of minutes.
For one thing, it makes finding data and calculating your emissions MUCH cheaper. With the open source and all that. Plus, the more people that join the OpenEco.Org community, the more data companies will have, and they will be able to plan much more realistic goals. And when more realistic goals are implemented, they're more likely to be met.

And if you'd like, here's a link to a video Sun made about this very community:

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