Thursday, September 20, 2007

JONATHAN SPEAKS! (about Microsoft)

You may have read my take on the Sun/Microsoft agreement. Now, Jonathan Schwartz explains the purpose and advantages of the agreement. And it appears I was correct:
Customers have more choice - and to be clear, we are committed to doing everything (everything) at Sun in the free software community (even without a statue). This agreement does nothing to change that.
The point of the agreement was to expand Sun's share in the server market by including Windows as an option. The free software community at Sun is not affected by this deal in any way! Oh, and by the way, he managed to answer my question (a bit):
And although we've built a billion dollar annual runrate in the x64 business, we still hear objections - the biggest? "Your competition says you're not serious about Windows." Now of course, that's just silly - SQL Server screams on products like our x4500.

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