Sunday, September 02, 2007

IRC Party!

On the agenda of the second meeting of the Ubuntu California LoCo team a resolution was passed to unequivocally allow IRC parties on the channel (ok, I'll quit sounding important). Anyways, there can be parties on IRC in #ubuntu-california. This page is supposed to function as a way for people to find their way to the party. There is no map, just directions.

If you have an IRC client and know how to use it:

That's great. The party is in #ubuntu-california on You should be able to find your way.

If you want an IRC client:

There are several IRC clients. The major ones are XChat for linux (not to be confused with xchat-gnome. Don't get that.) and mIRC for Windows. If you have pidgin, that can also be co-opted to do IRC, but keep in mind that it's not entirely meant for that. To learn how to use it, consult your client's (whichever one you choose) documentation. Then go to #ubuntu-california on If you don't feel like doing it, just type in the text box:
/join #ubuntu-california
Those are two separate lines. Those commands will get you there no matter what client you use.

If you don't want to install an IRC client, but still want to attend:

You can use a web-based client, this Java applet one is one that I recommend, and is one that I survived on in Arizona. It's best for just dropping in temporarily. If you wish to remain in IRC, it's highly recommended that you use a client.

If you want to do it the 1337 |-|aXX0r way:

If absolutely desired, I may allow you to ssh into my machine and use irssi (a text-based client) to join. If you would like to do this, contact me. I'm not putting my machine stats on the internet. And it'll help if I actually KNOW you. This method is highly discouraged.


ewanm89 said...

1337 h4x0r way is doing it all through telnet.

cactaur said...

Nah, that's just stupid. No 1337 h2x0r would unnecessarily leave his computer vulnerable like that.

Larry said...

Well when real '1337 h2x0rz' existed it was done with telnet! V.32 Modems ftw!!