Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I knew war was expensive, but DANG!

Ok, I know this story is kind of old, but it's still as shocking. PZ Myers did the calculations and found out that we spend $4 million in Iraq every 40 minutes or so. Why is this important? The Arecibo Observatory has the threat of being shut down because the National Science Foundation can't find an extra $4 million over three years to keep it in operation.

This is sad because the government is not only THINKING about this choice, but is choosing the side of war. The Arecibo Observatory has long been a symbol of advanced radio astronomy, and plays a vital part in mapping the Milky Way and detecting Near Earth Asteroids. To let this observatory die would be wrong in so many ways. To let this observatory die because of misshapen priorities on war and science is wrong is even more ways. I hope Arecibo makes it through this time and isn't forced to close.

I'm hating this war more and more as time goes on....

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