Tuesday, September 18, 2007

GIMP wants to hear from YOU!

Ok, so this is a really cool idea the GIMP folks have done (for those who don't know, the GIMP is an open-source photo-editing program, I'd say even comparable to Photoshop, but I don't do hardcore image manipulation). Anyways, they have a blog up where they are brainstorming the new user interface. They're essentially taking ideas and suggestions for the new reworking of the user interface. If you regularly use the GIMP, and have some suggestions, be sure to drop in a line. Here's their summary for what it's for:
This is a visual brainstorm, the channel for everybody to contribute to the GIMP UI redesign process. It is moderated by the GIMP UI redesign team, consisting of professional interaction and usability specialists. We do not post mock-ups here ourselves, we ‘listen’ to what you show us and broaden our horizons.

To keep things easygoing + fun around here, there are some rules:

Explain your idea in an image or two. Only these images will be published, so make sure any needed explanation is inside them. Images must be in jpg, gif, bmp or png format, maximum 8MB each.

Your images should show your idea in a clear way, but they don’t have to be glossy and polished. Plain vector drawings or even scanned pencil sketches should also work.

Send your image to us, put the word ‘GIMP’ in the title of your email (to avoid spam, emails without GIMP in the title or without an image attachment will not be opened).

We will not publish your name or email address, if you want to be identified with—or even contacted about—your contribution, place your name or email address discretely in your image.

All further text you place in your image can only be used to explain your own idea. Keep it short, point out what is innovative. If you feel you need a lot of text to explain, then maybe your idea is not working on an user interaction level.

Do not write in your image about other people, other people’s ideas or why GIMP sucks, because…

…polemic kills brainstorming, hence there are not going to be discussions or comments in this blog. If you want to vent, use the usual channels. If you have got a better idea, simply show it to us.

If you want to respond to a contribution, by all means take the image, modify it with your own ideas for improvement and send it back to the brainstorm. Visual dialogue: it is allowed and encouraged by the CC licence on this blog.

We are pretty liberal Europeans, but anything obnoxious will ensure that your image does not get published here. We will not modify your image in any way, so either it is fit to be blogged or it will be discarded.

Our team will label your contribution and sometimes we will write a few sentences of analysis, if we are not too busy working on GIMP.

Your contribution has to be compatible with the license of this blog. Speaking of…
(Hat tip t' Greg)

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Tuna said...

It's more Free than Open Source, really...