Saturday, September 15, 2007

CSE's going too far

Creation Science Evangelism (CSE) is Kent Hovind's "ministry" which is now kinda out of his hands while he's paying his debt to society. However, they're getting more active to clearing Hovind's image and keeping away criticism of his wacky science. Hovind has his videos on creationism and his brand of Christianity online, on YouTube and Google Video. He explicitly states that there are no copyrights to these videos and can be distributed freely, which they have been for many many years. However, there have been other videos floating around which show Hovind's videos but have refutations spliced in. All of the sudden, CSE has been going around YouTube and flagging the videos as copyright violations, and (apparently) by law, YouTube must remove them even without doing a review on the veracity of the copyright claims.

Now, why do I say they've gone too FAR? As if censoring the modified Hovind videos weren't bad enough. CSE actually had the gall to flag one of my favorite videos. Now, the thing that ticks me off about them removing this video is that it was mainly original content. What about a mainly original video with a few clips of uncopyrighted material makes it flaggable? I hope YouTube finally sorts this out.

UPDATE: Oh, I guess not. I was wrong. There WAS no uncopyrighted material in my favorite video. It was 100% original (link is not of good quality. See here for original quality). Well, this is getting much more interesting. This is a pretty strong piece of evidence that CSE is just bluffing and trying to get criticism out. Now I'm REALLY interested in how this turns out.

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