Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bullet Proof X

There's going to be a new feature in Ubuntu Gutsy called Bullet Proof X. It's a really cool thing. The basic idea is that if the X server breaks, you have another independent and less intensive GUI to fall back on and fix your X server. A demonstration is here.

What usually happens if your X server breaks is you get a message (not a BSOD because your computer is still operating) which basically says your Xserver is broken:
After that, it would drop you at a command-line. You're expected to type "dpkg --reconfigure xserver-xorg" to reconfigure it. However, a new person would not be expected to know this. Generally you only know what to do AFTER it happens to you and you fix it. This is a fairly common solution to a fairly common problem. However, to make Ubuntu more intuitive, and not have people asking for help every time the X server breaks, this is where Bullet Proof X comes in. Instead of dropping the user on a command line, it gives the user an explanation of what happened, and the option to reconfigure the X server graphically. I think this is a really good step of progress, and has a lot of potential for other methods of handling X errors. We'll see what happens once Gutsy comes out.

(Hat tip to Greg)


Larry said...

Very practical, Gutsy Dev for the win!

ewanm89 said...

That screen is only with gdm