Friday, August 03, 2007

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Today, I went to be in the audience of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I really wanted to go for a long while, and today, my 16th birthday marked the first day I would be able to go. However, it wasn't as awesome as I thought it would be.

I arrived in line at around 2:15 PM (they started letting people in at 3), and there were about 100 people ahead of us. That wasn't so bad. So my family waited in line, but then a group of people just showed up, and were being let in before our line. I was really confused at this, but it was later explained to me. Those people were at Universal Studios, and were given the opportunity to go to the Tonight Show. And apparently they're guaranteed admission, unlike the rest of us. I didn't like that. To me, someone who just happened to be at Universal Studios at the right time should be given more priority than someone such as me, who sent in a request for tickets a year in advance, only to be given a tentative opportunity to see the show. The tickets I received in the mail did not guarantee admission, I still had to wait in line and hope that the studio wasn't filled. Luckily, everyone made it in today. But it still kinda ticks me off that those people were able to get the seats in front, while I was seated in the very back.

While waiting, we were also given two slips. One was to pick people for the segment, "Vacations from Hell". You submit your bad vacation stories, and NBC executives sift through them apparently while we wait, and find the good ones. After that, they pick the people with the best stories in the segment. So that's how that works. And there was also one that asked "if you could ask any expert anything, what would it be?". It was to be answered by Adam West (Batman, and the Family Guy mayor). That didn't become a segment. However, I highly recommend filling those out if you could. You might end up on air! So, after all this waiting, we were finally brought into the studio. You have to go through a metal detector to get in so it's kinda like an airport, and they say you need ID, which I don't think they really even asked for. Then you were seated, which is how we got our seats in the back.

Now the thing about the studio is that it's way smaller than it looks on TV. I was in the back, but that wasn't all that far away, I was very surprised. So, before the show, a guy comes up, and preps the audience, he picked 8 random people and they danced in front of the audience just to loosen things up, then the guy threw merchandise in the audience (I didn't get any). Afterwards, Jay Leno came and told us what's going to happen, and what we should do as an audience. He also got to know several members of the audience and have a picture taken with them (I was not picked). Then he left, and we were once again entertained by that other guy.

Eventually, the show started, and Jay Leno came on, and did his monologue. I'm not sure, but if you watch the episode tonight, at 11:35 on NBC, you might hear my characteristic laugh. During commercial, the Tonight Show band performed and the crew prepped up the stage for "Vacations from Hell". That was also pretty funny. After that segment, the Tonight Show band played again, and then the first guest, Hank Azaria (guy who did a bunch of voices on The Simpsons) came on. All that you could watch on the show. However, I was really disappointed on the next commercial break, where Jay and Hank started speaking to each other. In the show, you see them talking, but you can't hear them. The same happens in the audience, you just hear the band, but don't get the info they're talking about. This was a pretty big disappointment.

After Hank Azaria, came the judges from America's Got Talent, David Hasselhoff, Sharon Osbourne, and Piers Morgan. That was a pretty crazy segment, worth watching. After their encounter, we went to the performance which was by Daddy Yankee. Latino rap; I should've seen that coming. After that, it was basically it.

During the show, I've noticed that it's really not as great to see the show in person than on TV. For one thing, when you see it in person, you hear the audience more than the stars, so you miss a few words; on TV, the stars come in clear because they speak in microphones. Another thing is that in the audience, you only have one point of view, while on TV, the cameras can get much better views on the stage. In my opinion, you should stay at home and watch if you just want to see the Tonight Show. The only reasons I could see for going there are if you REALLY like the Tonight Show band, you hear a lot of them; and if you want a cheap date, it's free and entertaining. Other than that, stick to TV. Eh, but my birthday was good enough for me.


Larry said...

Happy 16th Birthday! At least you got to see Jay Leno in person.

Vicken said...

haha, enjoyed reading this. . .happy birthday!