Thursday, August 30, 2007

Project Open Doors

Sun recently (and I DO mean recently) published an article about their Project Open Doors initiative. Project Open Doors is Sun's way of giving back to the community. They have volunteers who do things like outreach, donating money, and even working on environmental issues. It started when a Sun facility in Brazil opened its doors to school children from poor communities, and showed basically what Sun does. Of course, some students were inspired and went on to get educated and work at Sun. Now, in the article, there's mention of Sun headquarters opening their doors to Menlo Park students. Now, Menlo park is in California (Northern). I live in California (Southern). It would SOOO be worth the trip up there to see Sun. I wish I could've gone. (Pssst.....Sun, you know you want to bring us from LA up there, right?)

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