Saturday, August 11, 2007

Get Ekiga working

Ok, I've also been plagued by a problem where whenever I try to start ekiga, I get a "registration failed: timeout". After being frustrated for a while because of this, I decided that google was my friend, and by searching for the problem, I came across this thread, by someone who had my problem. If you look through it, there really isn't a solution, UNTIL you reach the second page. There, I found the solution:
I use Ekiga, and finally managed to get through.

Don't use is down.

I use . It saved my day really...
There you have it, don't use the STUN server with ekiga, since apparently they're having problems. However, I technically didn't need a STUN server, so I just disabled it. Apparently I enabled a STUN server just because I thought I should use it, big mistake on my part. Well, I hope this'll be a solution for some of your problems.


Larry said...

Apparently not for me, the stun servers worked fine when I ran echo tests,

Larry said...

And the guy from Ubuntu forums posted this on March 21st, 2006

cactaur said...

Well, apparently it's still down.