Monday, August 06, 2007

First day at CENS

Today was my first day of "working" at CENS (Center for Embedded Networked Sensing) at UCLA (I don't get paid, but the hours are terrific!). And I must say, it was a really revealing splash into the day of the average working person. I took the Metro bus, had to transfer once, to UCLA (14 to the 305). In the morning, the buses were on time and it was great. I got to UCLA on time, despite taking an early stop (I had to walk the rest of the way). However, the way back was a nightmare. I had to wait 40 minutes for the next 305 bus to arrive. So that kinda sucked. When waiting for a bus, you tend not to read very well.

Well, on to the actual experience. When I got there, I got a free CENS T-shirt, so I could be easily identified as a CENS person, instead of some other guy from another project. After that, I was given my assignment. I only had ONE assignment today, however it was not schmexy. I had to take down information on all the computers in the labs (well, as many as I had access to). Information such as make, model, IP address, MAC address, and other network information. This was about 60 computers. It was very tedious, and I had to disturb some people who were working on them. However, I don't think they minded much. After that, I typed it up in an Excel spreadsheet (yes, EXCEL, couldn't get spreadsheet). That wasn't too bad, except the MAC addresses, that was EXTREMELY tedious. Since every single machine had one, and every single one was unique. However, after I got the MAC addresses done, it was ok. Tomorrow, I'll hopefully do something more fun!

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ewanm89 said...

Weren't the IP addresses dynamic? 60+ statically assigned IPs doesn't bear thinking about.