Friday, July 13, 2007

Two High NASA Officials Resign

According to the Associated Press, two high-ranking NASA officials are resigning. They are Scott Horowitz and Rex Geveden. According to NASA, the resignations are coincidental, and neither was asked to leave by the current NASA administrator, Michael Griffin.

Scott Horowitz is kind of the head of the Moon, Mars, and Beyond vision implemented by President Bush. According to NASA, his leave is badly timed, but they think they could manage. Why is Horowitz leaving? According to NASA spokeswoman, Beth Dickey:

Horowitz said he wants to move back to Utah and spend more time with his family. Dickey said he expects to be an aerospace consultant.

"His reasons for doing this are strictly personal," she said. "This is not unexpected. He had been discussing this with the administrator for some time."

Eh, I guess he has a right to go spend time with his family. Being the leader of a big underfunded mission is hard work. But he didn't really name a successor. That really would've nice. Ok, now who's Rex Geveden? Geveden is the associate administrator. Pretty high up. Where's he going?
Geveden will take a job in the private sector of the aerospace industry in Alabama.
Moving on to the private sector. I notice that there was a reason for him leaving published in the report. So, I'm not going to discuss that. Luckily, he has clear successor unlike Horowitz.
Christopher Scolese, NASA's chief engineer, will succeed him. Scolese drew attention last year when he and NASA chief safety officer Bryan O'Connor recommended that space shuttle Discovery remain grounded until design changes were made to insulating foam on its external tank.
Well, it's a good thing he's cautious. Griffin overruled his warning, but luckily there were no foam problems on that mission. Good call. But I wonder if he'll be so easily overruled as associate administrator. Well, I hope the new NASA lineup will be more effective and efficient as the old one.


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