Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The future of corporations

Over at his blog, Jonathan Schwartz talks about how the world is changing, and how companies should change their practices to remain profitable. If you have an hour and a half to kill, I HIGHLY recommend watching both clips. In large part, I agree with him. Things ARE changing. Of course, Sun is also changing for the good, or else I wouldn't love them so much.

Of course, Jonathan also uses the story of why he decided to become a champion of open source. If you haven't heard that before, it basically goes along these lines. A (not so very) long time ago, people stopped using Solaris on Sun hardware for some new, strange, open-source platform called Linux. Now, Sun had two choices, try and sue the linux community, or open-source Solaris. As you know, Sun went with the latter. Jonathan believed that if they sued linux, they would only give more popularity to linux and start digging their own grave. And now, Solaris is being touted as being the most advanced operating system in the world. A lot more fun stuff is in those videos too, and if only everyone could watch them.


Cairnarvon said...

The only reason they didn't sue Linux was because it'd give them more publicity? Not because, y'know, they didn't have a case?

cactaur said...

Well, probably that too (however, that hasn't stopped some companies that neither I nor Mr. Schwartz will name). However, he does give some lighthearted advice to the CEO of Viacom (it had to be lighthearted because Viacom is a customer of Sun), the company which made a big deal of its videos being on youtube. He basically said that if Viacom wants to remain in business, they should work WITH these new outlets and attempt to monetize from them instead of threatening to litigate. It's really quite interesting.