Thursday, July 05, 2007

Aren't cha Kent?

As some of you already know, my favorite creationist is Kent Hovind. He's the funniest creationist, far more than Ken Ham and his Creation Museum. I absolutely find him hilarious (totally wrong, but hilarious). Now Hovind is in jail. But this doesn't keep the rest of the world off of his back. I find this music trailer absolutely hilarious (but it has a lot of questionable language, you've been warned):

(Hat tip to PZ)


Larry said...

Wiping out the indigenous population of crea....

nah , just kidding.

Nathan Zamprogno said...

If you think Kent is hilarious, check out what his followers believe.

Look out! Behind you! Your Illuminatus President Bush who drank blood from a skull is making you eat soy and drink fluoridated water to control your mind and distract you from the Government's 9/11 conspiracy! Oh my!

cactaur said... this is coming from a person who regularly reads FSTDT.