Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rhythmbox lyrics continued

I finally figured out how to set your own lyrics, if Rhythmbox isn't able to find them for you. Whenever Rhythmbox comes up with lyrics, it saves them in a directory. This is "~/.lyrics/artistname/songname.lyric". When you search for lyrics, Rhythmbox then creates a corresponding text document to use. The syntax of the names is "The name of the song in lower case".lyric. One thing you can do is have Rhythmbox find the wrong lyrics, then open the file and replace them. This may take a bit longer, but you'll definitely get the lyrics right. Another thing you can do is just create the file named in the right syntax and put the lyrics in there. What I would recommend is for songs with straightforward names and no weird characters, just create the file. However, if there are songs that are kind of weird, have Rhythmbox sort those out for you. That is my plan. I hope you now know how to use Rhythmbox lyrics as well as I do.

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Aditya Nag said...

This was useful.. I was hunting around for some help on lyrics.