Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pidgin 2.0.2

Ok, I know a bunch of people who had trouble installing pidgin on Ubuntu Feisty. Here's a practically guaranteed way to get it installed, fully functional. My experience, when I compiled it, I had to meet a bunch of dependencies, and even then, sound didn't work. Turned out you had to enable some cryptic flag when configuring the source, so I decided to have nothing of it. One great thing is having GetDeb. GetDeb is basically an online repository for software that's available for Ubuntu. Now, most things you could probably find in the Ubuntu repositories, but there are certain things that the Ubuntu repositories have fallen behind on. One of these is pidgin.

Now, for pidgin 2.0.2, it's a bit weird. For this, you have to install two .deb packages. The first is pidgin-data. Since most linux users are probably using firefox, I'm going to assume you're downloading to the Desktop, since that's the default. Next, download the actual pidgin application.

Now open up a terminal. Since you installed everything to the Desktop, you want to move there, so first type:

cd Desktop

Next, you want to install pidgin. Do this by installing pidgin-data first. In the terminal, type:

sudo dpkg -i pidgin-data_2.0.2-1~getdeb1_all.deb

Now, I don't think you should have any dependency issues, I didn't. But if you do, leave a comment and I'll probably be able to help you. Next, install the pidgin application:

sudo dpkg -i pidgin_2.0.2-1~getdeb1_i386.deb

Now, restart pidgin if it's running, or start it. It should now be installed and upgraded.

Now, I'm sure there's a graphical method of doing this, but I learned it this way, so this is the way I'm teaching it. I think the graphical method is basically clicking the .debs, and they'll automatically install.


Larry said...

Yay! It worked. Thank you, I feel like such a newbie.

Larry said...

Improper dependences in this .deb. I just found that out. Pidgin doesn't report idle times based on X usage, only from last sent message. The best is to just compile from the source with all the proper dependencies packages. I'll write a follow-up, how-to , on compiling Pidgin from source. Maybe it's just a problem for me.



cactaur said...

Are you sure that in Tools>Preferences>Idle Report Time is for keyboard or mouse use, instead of last message sent?

Larry said...
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Larry said...

Yes, why would I even write the post?

The packages from getDeb don't include all dependencies packages. All packages can be upgraded to latest via apt-get respoitories . apt-get build-dep gaim. The reason that it's 'gaim' . Is when Ubuntu 7.04 was released, Pidgin was known as Gaim(obviously). As such, the 'build-dep' for gaim is used to get the deps for Pidgin 2.02.1.

You should revise your post. Your follow up on mine, that is if you had the same problem I did. I compiled from the source this time, just to be safe.


Later -Larry