Friday, June 29, 2007

My analysis of Sun

Ok, here's the moment you've all been waiting for. I'm "publishing" my results for the score of Sun Microsystems. However, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of these results because, I'm an ordinary guy. I just went by what I could find. The main sources I used are the Sun Eco Web site, and the environment portion of the CSR Report (pdf). The scorecard for grading Sun is found here, so you know EXACTLY what I'm looking for.

1. GHG emissions inventory completed?
4 (on their carbon footprint page, they give a fairly detailed outline of their emissions)
2. Rough calculations or standard protocol/calculator?
3 (same page, the calculations are very precise, so I give them credit)
3. Are Kyoto gases besides CO2 included?
0 (I'm pretty sure they're accounted for, but there's no documentation)
4. Are indirect emissions accounted for?
(e.g., supply chain, travel, commuting, use/disposal of products/services, investment
0 (Sun works to make energy-efficient servers, but I don't think that counts)
5. Is there external, qualified third party verification of emissions data, reductions, and
reporting (where applicable)?
0 (I wasn't able to find any, but maybe I just didn't look hard enough)
6.Is the inventory an ongoing, regular process accounting for multiple years?
1 (Sun didn't publish any previous records of greenhouse gases, but they make plans to do it regularly on the carbon footprint page)
7. Has a clear goal been set?
4 (a very clear goal is on the carbon footprint page)
8. Strength of baseline year used for the reduction goal (keeping in mind changes in
company's size/composition)
2 (baseline is 5 years back, as on the carbon footprint page)
9. Magnitude of reduction goal (considering size of reduction and target year)
4 (reduction is 20% in 5 years, more than even some countries)
10. Have a management plan and organizational structure been established for
5 (oh yeah, the whole environment page is a tribute to Sun's dedication to green)
11. Is there top-level support for climate change action?
2 (I'd give four points, Jonathan Schwartz has been a real champion is environmentally efficient systems)
12. Has the company taken steps towards achieving reduction target? (Interim progress
on reduction)
8 (2 for making more and more efficient systems, 2 for supplying the energy-efficient systems, 2 for RESEARCH to make more efficient systems (same page), and 2 for investing and using alternative energies)
13. Has the company achieved emissions reductions?
6 (I give this to them, because they HAVE made greener products. However, I can't give them all of the points because those aren't officially listed as part of the reductions)
14. Absolute or intensity-based reductions?
0 (I could only find the 20%, nothing else)
15. Has the company achieved verified reductions to date (prior to current goalsetting)?
0 (I'm pretty sure they have, but just haven't published them)
16.Has the company made successful efforts to reduce GHG impacts associated with
the use of its products/services?
4 (Practically everything Sun sells is environmentally friendly, so no question here)
17. Does the company work to educate its employees, trade association, and/or
customers on how they can reduce individual GHG emissions (through direct
education programs, incentives, or philanthropic projects)?
4 (Sun even freaking made the Open Work system, so that employees wouldn't have to drive to work, that's definitely 2 points. And it combines performance with efficiency, so that customers would be driven to buy an eco-friendly server, 2 points)
18. Does the company require suppliers to take climate change action or give
preference to those that do?
2 (Oh yeah, Sun has its suppliers follow a fairly strict environmental policy)
19. Does the company support public policy that could require mandatory climate
10 (This question was cut off, but it basically asks if Sun is in favor of public policy which would solve climate change. This is a HUGE YES!)
20. Does the company oppose public policy on climate change that could require
mandatory action by business, or has it made efforts to undermine climate change
0 (These would be negative points. But as the last question says, Sun is very pro-environment)
21. Is the company publicly reporting on emissions, risks, and actions? How is
information disclosed? Company-based (e.g., on their website or annual report) or
through a credible third-party program (e.g., CDP, GRI, etc.)?
6 (So far, the only place I was able to find data on Sun's carbon emissions was from its web site)
22. Are emissions broken out by facility, business unit, country of operations, or other
meaningful subsegments?
2 (Yep, its web site shows it)

And that adds up to...67? Oh, I might have made a mistake on my last estimate. Oh well, it's still really really good! And if anyone finds any statistics that I might have missed, feel free to comment and I'll probably update the score.

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