Monday, June 11, 2007

Linux phones are apparently getting popular

According to The Owl's Hide, Motorola is releasing five new linux phones. Five new phones are being released that use linux. That's really impressive. Of course, for me, that's not all impressive. When apple starts releasing linux on its ipods, THEN that'll be pretty cool. But anyways, apparently linux is making several subtle movements into the lives of regular people.

I've never had a cell phone, but a friend told me about how he got a linux-powered cell phone, and performance was really good. One of the main things he noticed was that it was much faster than other phones he's had. Now, this friend is someone who REALLY knows his mobile technology, so that's a really big compliment to linux systems. Of course, I was the first to hear that opinion, because I'm the school linux zealot. YAY! So, for people who think linux is too impractical, there's another pillar that's knocked. Phones!


Gufo said...

Hi Cactaur,

actually, I did not say that all of them are from Motorola. One of them is from openMoko, and it's going to be an iPhone look-alike. another is from QTopia, the people behind KDE. These two are the one to keep an eye on, in my humble opinion.

Thanks for linking me ;-)

cactaur said...

All right, I made the correction. Thank you.