Saturday, June 09, 2007

I went to Larchmont!

Ok, today I went to Larchmont (which is basically a street which is made up of several different stores, most of them independently owned). Actually, I went there twice, but the first time is personal and you won't hear anything about it. The second time, I went to look at a bookstore that I've been meaning to go to for a long while, but my parents scared me away by saying, "It's so expensive!!!". So, I finally grabbed an envelope full of money, and rode on my bike to Larchmont to go check the store out. Thirty seconds after I left, I noticed that my back tire was flat. So, I went back home, and pumped it up. Now I'm REALLY ready to go.

Wow, I forgot how it was to ride on a bike with full tires, it's much easier, compared to the first time I went today. Ok, so I rode, parked, locked, and walked to Chevalier's Books (It's FRENCH!). When I walked in, it was pretty small, but there was still room to walk around. Despite its size, it's a pretty good place. It's selection may not match Borders or something, but they have a pretty interesting selection. They obviously put a lot of thought into what to buy. A lot of books that I've heard of were, in fact, being sold. Of course, The Darwin Awards by Wendy Northcutt caught my eye, and I REALLY liked that place. However, I still had a mission. My mother wanted me to find a book on APA writing conventions. Unfortunately, they did NOT have such a reference book. There was only a book on MLA, which wouldn't cut it. So, I now had an excuse to leave that place without spending any money. Oh yeah, and the pricing wasn't bad at all, it was the same as any other place. I will DEFINITELY come here before I check something out at Borders.

So, my review is very positive for that book store. And I will most definitely return. So, on my return journey, I found out that my back tire was flat AGAIN! So, there was a kind of hole. When I got home, my father made me take apart the tire and look for the problem. After 15 minutes of doing that (I'm not really that handy), we finally got it. The really tough part was getting the actual tire off of the spokes. So yeah, I have to get another tire. Great!

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