Friday, June 15, 2007

Google Analytics: Visitors

Ok, I know it's been a long time, but I finally am going to continue this series. We're now going to talk about the visitors section of Google Analytics. By clicking the Visitors area to your left, you should get this page:

This is the overview, this gives you some basic statistic about who visits your site. If you scroll down, you'll also get more technical statistics with more information. The first thing we're going to cover is the Map Overlay.

The Map Overlay basically tells you how many visits you get from where. This is my map overlay of the history of my blog:

From here, all you have to do is click on the area you want to zoom in on, and you'll get more information on it. The bottom of the screen (not shown), is basically the same thing, but with text and links instead of a map. This might be more helpful on the local level, when you have a ton of little dots representing cities.

Next is the New vs. Returning category. This is fairly self-explanatory. It tells you which visitors are new and which are returning. I don't think I need to get into detail on this.

Same with languages, you see what the language codes are for people viewing your blog.

Visitor Trending is something I haven't really found that useful. However, if you really want detail on who reads your blog, and how long they read, and how often they come back, this is for you.

Same with Visitor Loyalty.

Browser capabilities is my FAVORITE part. I bet you could have guessed. Now, Browsers tells you what browsers people use to get to your site. Operating Systems, a vital part of my blog, tells you which operating systems people used to access your site. Now, Browsers and OS basically tells you which versions of browsers people use on your site. I've never seen IE/Linux, just for you all to know. Ok, now we're leaving the cool stuff. The rest of the stuff is also self-explanatory. Screen colors, screen resolution, Flash Versions, and Java Support. Yeah, I think you could figure those out.

Next we go into Network Properties. As far as I know, this area is filled with network jargon that not even I know. So, there's not much I can tell you about this place. Perhaps if someone else knows, that person could enlighten me. Though if you really understood the network and internet engineering, this could be very helpful information.

Well, there it is, the visitors section of Google analytics. I hope this was helpful. After writing a while, I realized that the screenshots weren't really that important. You all are smart enough to figure this out, right?

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