Monday, June 11, 2007

Google Analytics: Introduction

Hello everyone! This is your introductory lesson to Google Analytics. I am your instructor, cactaur. Today we will go over the basics of what Google Analytics can show you. Now, what you want to do is log in. After that, if you set up your web site, you should get this page. Follow the given instructions:

Ok, from there, you should get to a page similar to this:

If you were wondering, that huge spike was when I won that essay contest, and when PZ linked to me. That's why I was so surprised. So, this is your dashboard. You should put what information you find most important over here, because it's the first thing you see. This part is entirely customizable and you should do it. I've done it slightly, but it's not in that view.

As you see on the left side of the screen, there's a menu. We will cover a later date. I don't want to overwhelm you all. So, get used to this page, we'll go to the next pages later. Hey remember, this is only the intro. We'll go into detail with stuff later. Ok? And I'll have more pretty screenshots.

(Wow these are harder than they look. I think I have to wait until I have more time for the next installment. Maybe Wednesday.)

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