Sunday, June 24, 2007

Google analytics: Content Overview

Ok, I don't have that much to talk about, so I'm going to continue on the Google Analytics series. Now we're going to talk about the Content Overview area:
Ok, so, as you can see, the main page is the overview. It gives you some helpful statistics about your blog. We'll go into detail on these as we delve into the Content.

The next page is "Top Content", this is another one of those self-explanatory pages. It tells you which pages are the most popular. This is helpful if you have ads. As you can see on the far right, if you integrate Google Analytics with some sort of ad service (something we're not going to cover), it'll tell you how much money that one page made you. That's kinda cool. If you don't make money, this page is mostly informative to tell you what people like. For example, disregarding the post about me winning the essay contest, my next popular post was the one about pidgin. So, maybe I should help people install software when it's difficult. See, it can help you tailor your blog to what people want.

The next is "Content By Title". It's basically the same as "Top Content", except instead of listing the web page, it lists the title of the post. I find it to be more interesting with "Top Content"

I'm going to tell you the truth, I have no idea what "Content Drilldown" is. To me it looks like it's a look at the generic pages. Not the specific pages, but the ones that hold them, for example archive pages.

"Top Landing Pages" are the pages that people land on from outside. I'm guessing that in most cases, it would be the front page. However, there are also ones from links and search engines. You see which ones are most landed on.

"Top Exit Pages" are the opposite. They are the pages that people leave on. To me, they're just as useless as "Top Landing Pages".

"Site Overlay" basically takes you to your web page. I can do that myself, thank you.


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