Saturday, June 09, 2007

Democracy Works!

No, I'm not talking about rule of government by people. I'm talking about Democracy Player, an open source application that basically allows you to search and save videos from all over the web. Ok, maybe not from all over the web, but from most video sites, including YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo! video, etc.

For the longest time, there was something wrong with Democracy and .flv files on my computer. I helped with a bug report and waited. Surely enough, eventually it got fixed. Now, I can appreciate seeing videos from across the web without using my browser. I highly recommend this program.


sheryl-ann said...

Thanks for your review Democracy Player.

If you have any more problems with it check the site we've got lots of great forums where hopefully someone can help you sort them out.

cactaur said...

Yes, I'm glad it was fixed. However, it did take quite a long while to get fixed. The problem I had was filed here. As you can see, it took nine months to fix. However, it's good news to me that it has actually GOTTEN fixed instead of being ignored.