Saturday, June 02, 2007

Come on Linux(-ers?)

(Warning: Anti-mac rant ahead)

I now love Google Analytics. It may have a horrible user interface that's really unnavigable, but you can get a lot of information by going there. While moving around the interface, I've discovered this shocking statistic:
Mac visits outstrip Linux visits by a factor of 2! GASP! Now what's wrong with that picture? Well, lets just say my favorite computers are not macs. No offense to mac users. Ok, a little offense to mac users. I'm sorry, but that's just the way I am.

Or maybe I'm just like this because I've never used a mac, and I need to get some perspective before making such an insulting announcement. Eh, I'm not sure. Well, for one thing. I don't think Sun really likes macs. They're not really included as major platforms for Java programming. And yes, Sun is considered proof for anything.

Meanwhile, on the sane side, I want all of you mac users to use install linux. Most linux distributions have an installed for Macintoshes (the old PowerPCs and the new Intels), so get one! That will finally bring things back into balance.

Note: This is another social commentary. Take this with as much as a grain of salt you took the one about the scavengers.


Gufo said...

not really surprising.

macs work out of the box, so their users have more time to browse the net.

this, coming from a unix-mac-linux-win user. ;-)

(I did notice more visits to my blog from firefox than from explorer - did you notice the same thing?)

cactaur said...

Oh yeah, Firefox beats IE by a pretty big landslide. Another win for the Open Source community. Sha-shaaaaa!