Saturday, May 12, 2007

Punctuated Equilibrium

Ok, I guess I do have some extra time, so, here's a science post, we haven't had one of those for a while.

A new book is coming out, called Punctuated Equilibrium written by Steven J. Gould. Steven J. Gould is a palentologist who writes a lot about evolution and all that stuff that I love. However, he's kinda dead right now, so you may be wondering, how is he writing a book? Well, I'll tell you, or else, what'll be the point?

So, when he was still alive, he wrote a book called The Structure of Evolutionary Theory (which I have). However, this book is freaking ginormous. It's over 1,400 pages (I'm on like, page 400), so there's a lot of content in this book. As far as I've gotten, it's basically a description of all of the contributions to evolutionary though (it was much more than just Darwin), with a pretty detailed description of nearly every contributor (and even some opponents). So yeah, this book, Punctuated Equilibrium, is basically chapter 9 of The Structure of Evolutionary Theory.

I can't tell you anything about the book, since I kinda didn't reach there. I got discouraged on the way, but now maybe I should continue again. So, if you wanna learn about punctuated equilibrium, buy that book. If you wanna learn every-freaking-thing about evolution, but buy The Structure. If you're able to get through that book, I will admire you.

[Nod of gratitude to PZ Myers, one who I admire]

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