Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The journey begins

I have decided to document my project of creating a linux system from scratch. I can't do anything to clarify or expand on the given steps, because the guide is so well written. However, I'll give commentary on my personal computer experience and how the heck I might get out of some problems I may have. So, since Chapter 1 is an introduction, lets start with Chapter 2:

This chapter is basically setting up the filesystem. There are several ways to set up a linux system if you build it yourself. You aren't confined to one partition, in fact, you could set up several linux installations in the same partition and they'll coexist peacefully (however, I think you'll need to know quite a bit of GRUB editing).

So yes, the first step is to actually set up your linux partition. I am lucky, in that my hard drive is already partitioned ideally. I am setting up the linux partition in /dev/hda4. The next thing is to create a swap partition, something that has also been already done, and that is /dev/hda5. There, the planning is done.

The next step is to create a filesystem on the partition. I'm doing this from within Ubuntu (a REAL enthusiast would probably work entirely clean, probably from a Knoppix Live CD). However, I'd rather stay inside Ubuntu, so I do. Now, the filesystem that is given by default is the ext3 filesystem, the most popular one in linux. However, I feel extremely bold, so I'm doing ext4. The steps to upgrade are detailed in the June 2007 edition of Linux Magazine (the article is not uploaded). However, I'll do that AFTER I build it. So yes, the creation of the filesystem was successful, and fortunately, as warned on the page, Ubuntu didn't do anything crazy to the filesystem.

Now, we mount the filesystem we've created. In here, we store a path in the variable LFS. They chose /mnt/lfs. I chose /mnt/scratch because I was feeling kinda contrary. So yes, this marks where the new filesystem will be, so it's fairly important, and it's easier to type $LFS instead of /mnt/scratch. Again, Ubuntu thankfully didn't do anything weird.

So yeah, next will be Chapter 3. I hope this was entertaining.


Anonymous said...

How long have you been into Linux?

cactaur said...

Almost a year now. In fact, around three weeks would mark the anniversary of Ubuntu being on my computer. It all started when Mr. Shattuck, the old AP Computer Science teacher chose to introduce linux to the class. I was the only one who stuck with it, though. But hey, I'm SPECIAL now!