Sunday, May 06, 2007

Capitol Steps

On Friday, I went to an amazingly hilarious show called Capitol Steps. It is basically a show that parodizes the world of politics (the performers work in Congress, so it's ok). It is basically a series of songs that are re-adapted to make fun of current events. I thought of it as absolutely hilarious. If they're ever in your area, GO SEE THEM! They'll floor you. I'm serious.

If you're still skeptical, they have samples of their songs on their web site, which you can hear for free. If you're still skeptical, they've put some of their videos on YouTube, however, they're much better on stage than on the computer. On stage, they add certain things that are much funnier.

One of the best acts is Lirty Dies. The speaker basically gives an entire speech, but flips the beginning of some words, sometimes having hilarious consequences.

We left to shee a sow, and we ended up thrying bee DCs. And as far as I can tell, they've been a date greal. As you nalready ow, I righly hecommend this show. You don't be wissappointed.

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jim said...

Hm...I have one of their CD's. If you want it, I can rip it and send them to you.