Friday, April 20, 2007

Postcard from Feisty

[EDIT: My Ubuntu hat. I know the photo is not rotated, but this is the best Blogger will do. Wah]

After over a day of upgrading, I finally have Ubuntu Feisty on my computer. Unless you have a ton of free time, and aren't stingy about leaving your computer on overnight, I would recommend you wait to upgrade. Right now, the servers are being raped heavily overloaded by people trying to upgrade. Normally, the upgrade would only take about an hour on a DSL connection, however, things got really slow around when I tried upgrading (I was lucky to have a 40Kb/sec connection, which only lasted a couple of seconds at a time). I had to leave it on overnight, and then some. So yeah, I would wait. However, I have a very good reason for being impatient.

Remember the messing up of my DVD drive? Well, as I predicted, the update would fix it, and it did. Now, I am being extremely cautious about my stuff. Oh, and graveman is out of my computer. I'll wait till the stable one. So, my overview of Feisty. I've only been using it for about 10 minutes now, but it seems really cool. The visual effects only got better. There are new tools for playing proprietary formats (which I don't need, but still cool). And I have nothing bad to say about gaim 2.0.0beta6. New games, chess and sudoku, bye bye to Ataxx, a game I've never played. It's a gain for me. It's good.

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