Saturday, April 28, 2007

I didn't know computers had PMS

Ok, maybe not, but this is a really weird experience I went through. It started out yesterday, when I first turned on my computer. Right after I turned it on, I got an error that said, "BIOS ROM checksum error. Detecting drive A media. INSERT SYSTEM DISK.", or something to that extent. I was like, ok..... I restarted, still got that. I looked up the error on the internet and a solution was to flash the BIOS, unfortunately, all the solutions were Windows-dependent.

It was just then, when I remembered something Mr. Butler does with computers whose BIOSs are screwed up. He unplugs them and takes out the battery, then puts the battery back in, and turns on the power. I tried this, and it worked. I was like, "phew, I'm glad I got through that". However, after that, something was weird with Ubuntu, and the internet didn't work. Ok, so I restarted, then my computer went back to normal for the rest of the day.

However, I turn on the computer this morning, the EXACT same error comes up. My dad and I came up that the battery on the motherboard was not working well, so we replaced it. However, afterwards, when I tried to boot into Ubuntu, the progress bar just froze at the splash screen. This was consistent, so I decided to do a memory check. First, I did a memory test from the Ubuntu Feisty Live CD, and there were 2000 errors. I'm like, what the...? So, I restart, and do the memory test that is installed with Ubuntu. I run that, and NO errors. By now, I'm confused, so I just restart and try to boot into Ubuntu again. It works and now, I'm in.

By applying the stereotype that nearly every stand-up comedian makes about girlfriends being unpredictable, I think my computer could be, in fact, a girl. I find that really weird.

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