Monday, April 09, 2007

Found my budget

Ever since I got back I was wondering what happened to my spending money in Costa Rica. It turned out that I finally tracked down where all that money went. I started out with $200 and ended with $20. Now that's a tenfold decrease, so of course I'm surprised because I didn't really buy that many souveniers. So, that means I spent $180 over the course of the trip. A large expense was tips, which added to $60. That leaves $120. Then I converted $20 to colones as spending money, so that leaves $100. I then spent $55 for the optional horseback ride, that leaves $45. I then did not spend $27 for the trip I never took. So, $18. Now that's a bit easier to dismiss to random costs here and there. So, yeah, the most expensive things were those being optional in the tour, not actual Costa Rican stuff. I find that interesting.

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