Sunday, April 29, 2007

Don't I feel stupid

Wow, did anyone see House last week on Fox? Well, if you didn't, skip this paragraph, because it'll be how my computer problems relate to it. If you did, and don't remember the episode, it's the one where Foreman tries to cure his patient by radiation, but ends up killing her because the disease turned out to be an infection, and he just decimated her immune system. Because of that, he feels extremely guilty because he caused her to die.

Well, I feel the same way about my computer. The problems got progressively worse. The success rate of reaching the Ubuntu screen was getting lower and lower on boots until I was unable to get there. However, I did do a few more memchecks, and it turns out that they all came back saying that my memory had TONS of errors in it. Well, I ignored that.

All of today, I was thinking that the problem lay in the BIOS, I mean, the screen always froze at a step during BIOS. Either right after the memory check, or right after the hard drive detection, or at the Ubuntu screen, or even during the memcheck itself. However, as time wore on, I wasn't even able to get to GRUB, which enables me to choose what I want to boot from. It was during this time when I thought of two options, buy a new motherboard, or flash the BIOS. My dad already bought the motherboard, but he always likes to have an extra motherboard handy, in case of emergencies such as this one. And I was ready to flash the BIOS. However, it's hard to boot from a floppy disk if the computer freezes one second into operation. So, my dad then suspected it was a problem with the memory.

So he took out a memory card, and it boot from the floppy perfectly. By now I'm like, wait, if it boot from the floppy, let's check to see if it'll boot from the hard drive. I also added that if it booted successfully, I would go crazy. Since I'm writing this post right now, you can infer that I'm a lunatic *wink*.

So yeah, I almost flashed my computer's BIOS, a very risky operation, for nothing. I am so glad my dad had the idea to check the memory card. I may be good with the software of a computer and how to program, but he is the king of hardware troubleshooting. I don't know where I would be without him. And what disturbs me is that I had the information to deduce this, THE FAILED MEMTESTS!!! But I just dismissed them. Wow, I have a lot more to go than I thought in computers.


Anonymous said...

So now you can return the motherboard and just buy new memory instead!

cactaur said...

Sadly, that cannot be the case. My dad is adamant about having an extra motherboard handy, and he thinks I could get by on 1 gig of RAM (Heck, he thinks 512 Megabytes is plenty).

Jim said...

I hate you. 1G of RAM, and you're complaining. The computer I'm using right now has 192Mb. On a Pentium III. My other computer is currently being...improved.

Had same problem couple years back- mem. got fried, computer won't boot. I think the way I figured it out was after re-installing Win2K and having the same problem. Meh. You live and learn. Glad you fixed it, though.