Friday, March 09, 2007

Summer camp shopping again

Ok, it's time for me to go looking for summer camps to go to (oh joy). So far, I've applied to YESS, and am awaiting a reply. My parents are bugging me about getting a backup plan for the summer since YESS is so competitive. So, I've been looking at the Stanford Educational Program for Gifted Youth (which, unlike the program they sent me before, doesn't cost a house). Then there's good ol' CTY ,which I attended last year. There's also the more enjoyable and at-home activity of volunteering at the Griffith Observatory. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if Griffith is accepting volunteers. If all else fails, I could always volunteer at Childrens Hospital.

But none (except YESS) are what I really want. What I really want is to go to Oakland for a month and help out the National Center for Science Education. Unfortunately, because of parental issues, there's a fat chance that'll happen.

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