Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rhythmbox, the better music manager

I just made the switch from my original music player, VLC, to Rhythmbox. Now, I'm not knocking VLC. VLC is still totally awesome. It can play nearly everything, and is very powerful. Only, it isn't a very good regular media player. It's very minimal. It doesn't remember what music you have, and it doesn't read music tags. I found that Rhythmbox suits these needs much better. Rhythmbox is based on the ever-popular itunes music player. Only, Apple is being a punk and doesn't have a linux version of itunes. I think this is kinda a small problem for music-minded people in switching to linux. But Ubuntu did something very awesome, or GNOME, I'm not sure which. But Rhythmbox is now shipped by default in Ubuntu 6.10. So yeah, basically, Rhythmbox had all the functionality I wanted from VLC, the ability to add directories and repeat/shuffle, with a better user interface. So, I'm happy now and recommend Rhythmbox to people who are still looking for a good music player.

I don't know much about amaroK, since I don't use KDE, but what I hear is that it's also really really good.

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