Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm on Google!

As Larry pointed out to me in a comment, I'M NOW ON GOOGLE!!! I feel so special now that I'm on the #1 search engine........anywhere. Now I'm one step closer to taking over the world becoming more popular. I'm happy.


applezh8663 said...

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cactaur said...

Oh heck no! No one from apple comes onto my blog. Even if you're advocating Firefox. Oh yeah, and do you think I should just delete these spams, or treat them intelligently. I don't want to enable word verification just yet.

Larryl said...

It seems like some sort of animated message. But according but wordpress marks this as spam and waits for my moderation,usually I get spam messaging saying "Nice Blog,check out our hot deals on this hard-on drug"

haha yeah ..... yep..Google found you , once infamous to mostly all,now search able to all through Google...haha