Monday, January 29, 2007


Ok, I started out on the experimental computer with FreeBSD. I scrapped that because I couldn't set up a GUI. Next I tried to install Solaris, I couldn't even get to the installer on that. Now, I tried to install Debian, but I was concerned when it didn't come with the GUI enabled. I was thinking that the entire fiasco with FreeBSD was going to happen. And it appears that it was close. After I installed Xfree86 (I know, don't lecture me about this) and GNOME, I was unable to start X. After long days of research, I found out the problem. I GOT THE MOUSE PORT WRONG! That was what was killing X, THE MOUSE!! Well, I found a workaround. Here it is:

Make sure you have X and gnome installed and set up (as much as possible). This is only a problem if you get an error that says something like: X Fatal IO error 104.

Install a tool that detects the port your mouse is called mdetect:

apt-get install mdetect

Now run it:


Take note of the port that it detects. Now, get back to the X configure screen

dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86

Go through the process as your computer tells you. Now, when you get to the mouse port, don't leave it at /dev/mouse/inputmouse (or something like that) put it on the one that mdetect found. Now, start up X:


And voila, you X is as good as new (and it is).

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tuxv said...

I think Xorg would be better than Xfree86